Image: Mary’s kitchen features a beautiful granite countertop in Mont Blue

We love hearing stories from homeowners and seeing pictures of their new kitchens in use. One pattern we’re hearing about is a wonderful and unintended consequence of a kitchen renovation: family members who didn’t used to cook have started cooking!

We’re not sociologists, but we think the combination of a new kitchen and a LOT of time at home has given those other cooks (usually husbands!) inspiration. The sheer volume of extra meals needed when we were staying home all the time required some extra hands.

Add to the extra demands of the kitchen the delight at using the new space and the new appliances in a beautifully renovated kitchen, and we think there is a recipe (sorry, we couldn’t resist) for getting more family members cooking.

Here are a couple of anecdotes:

  • Just before the pandemic, Elisa completed a kitchen renovation that included Supreme White quartzite from Boston Granite. Her husband, Pete, has always pitched in on the cooking, but since the renovation he has really embraced cooking for the family. Pete was telecommuting long before the pandemic, so the only thing that changed is the new kitchen. Now, Elisa loves posting pictures on social media of wonderful meals that Pete cooks for the family – to the envy of her friends and neighbors – and she is delighted to have a shared cooking routine. Read Elisa’s Homeowner’s Perspective about her kitchen renovation in our blog.
  • Mary started her kitchen renovation just as the pandemic began – not ideal timing, but she and her family made it work. Her kitchen features granite from Boston Granite Exchange, and the design includes a large island. The beautiful new space was completed, and Mary’s husband, Matt, was working from home. He signed up for online cooking classes and binge-watched Gordon Ramsay. He now plans the meals and does the majority of the cooking, and that’s not a kitchen nightmare!

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms in West Bridgewater or Haverhill to see in person our inventory of stones suitable for kitchen countertop surfaces. We offer natural stones such as granite, quartzite, marble and soapstone, along with porcelain and quartz from The BGE Quartz Collection We can’t promise that your new kitchen will give you the same wonderful, unintended consequences as Mary and Elisa, but who knows?!

We hope to see you soon.