A kitchen renovation is disruptive. Please leverage the information below to help in the planning process. We hope it helps in reducing stress and frustration.

There are many moving parts in remodeling a kitchen; lots of different parties involved and many decisions to be made.

Roles in the stone buying process

So Where Do We Fit In?

Our showrooms are where you come to select quartz, porcelain or natural stones such as Italian marble, granite and quartzite slabs or soapstone for your kitchen countertops, backsplash or accent walls. We also have The BGE Quartz Collection and offer sinks and faucets for one stop shopping!

What Do We Do?

As an importer of natural stone and distributor of The BGE Quartz Collection, we are wholesalers. We travel around the world to select the finest natural stones from quarries including Italy, Brazil, India, Canada and the United States.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with your fabricator or kitchen and bath dealer. Typically, they have recommended you visit one of our Boston Granite Exchange showrooms to select the material for your granite, quartzite, marble, quartz or porcelain kitchen countertops.

Partners in the stone process

Time is Precious

Let us help you make the best use of your precious time by following these three recommended steps:

Step 1. If you are gathering ideas for a future kitchen remodel, we encourage you to first view our Imagine gallery to identify ideas for your new kitchen. Make notes of what you like to help develop your plan.

Step 2. Then Explore. Our Explore web pages provide important information to help you compare stones to assess how each may or may not fit your lifestyle and need. Rest assured we have stones to meet all budgets!

Step 3. Then Plan to Visit our Showroom.

When Do You Need to Select the Stone for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Below is a representative sequence to help you plan your project and sequence the major items and when such decisions need to be made:

Selection/Order Timeframe

Are you here??

After visiting and selecting your stone, Boston Granite Exchange will deliver the material to your fabricator.

If you are here, now is the time to plan your visit.

Installation Timeframe

Below is a typical installation sequence of major elements in a kitchen remodel. This is an example only to help you in the planning process.

Install Timeframe
1Cabinets: 4-6 weeks for semi-custom; longer for custom cabinets
2Countertop: Note you may want to look to get ideas of what you like, but fabricator needs the cabinets installed first
Your general contractor can be an important advisor of what decisions you need to make and when. At Boston Granite Exchange, we are here to help you plan your kitchen remodeling project with an understanding of the folks involved in your project who we will work with to ensure the kitchen countertop stone selection process is an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given you are a wholesaler, what is your role in my kitchen remodeling project?

We import natural stones from all over the world and also have a growing quartz collection. Our role is to offer you a large inventory of beautiful, quality stones from all over the world so you can select the stone that best meets your needs, lifestyle and budget. We then deliver the material you selected to your fabricator who prepares the stone and typically installs your countertops in your new kitchen.

How do I know when is the right time in my project to select a stone for my countertops?

In general, if you are about a month away from when your countertops should be installed, you should come visit us to explore and select a stone.

Do I put a deposit down when I select the stone at your showroom?

No deposit is provided to us. . Any financial transaction for the stone is between you and your fabricator and/or kitchen and bath dealer. As wholesalers, we transact with your fabricator or kitchen and bath dealer so there is not any money transferred between you as a homeowner and Boston Granite Exchange.

Do you service commercial customers?

Yes. Please email or call us to discuss your commercial project.

How many slabs will I need for my kitchen countertops?

Your fabricator will assist you in determining the number of slabs you will need based on the countertop design and dimensions.

We are remodeling our kitchen in the next year. When do I visit a Boston Granite Exchange showroom?

You are welcome to visit anytime, but we recommend you select a stone approximately a month before your contractor is ready for the countertops to be installed. We can only hold selected slabs for 7 days, so we do not want you to be frustrated to find the stone you love only to learn that we can’t hold it for months until your project is ready.

I am a planner. Why can't I select the stone well in advance of when my countertops are going to be installed?

Our inventory is turning over frequently and we are unable to hold slabs for more than 7 days. Please talk to your fabricator as you plan your project to see if they can store the stone for you.

We have worked with Boston Granite Exchange for years and consistently find them to be honest, dependable, reliable and fair. I appreciate the excellent service they provide to us and our customers.

Vince Trento, Owner
Rumford Stone