Designing and planning a new or renovated kitchen or bathroom can be very exciting. It may also feel a bit overwhelming. As a wholesaler and importer of a wide variety of stone surfaces, we at Boston Granite Exchange are here to help you explore and evaluate what surfaces may be best suited for your lifestyle, design style and budget.

As you start planning your kitchen renovation or redesigning a bathroom, there are important considerations to think about to help guide you in evaluating surfaces that may work best for you. For instance, homeowners with young children may want to stay away from surfaces susceptible to staining while for others, color and design may be more important than ease of care. Fortunately, Boston Granite Exchange offers many options to meet each homeowner’s specific needs, desires and budget.

Below are surfaces that are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms

Granite slab


A long-time popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its natural beauty and hard surface. Granite is durable, strong and available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Granite is suitable for kitchen countertops, vanities, wall cladding, flooring and a wide variety of interior applications.


High heat, stain, and abrasion resistance

Easy maintenance

Natural stone with classic appeal available in a very wide range of colors and patterns to suit any design style


Porous; periodic sealing recommended

May stain if improperly sealed


A luxurious natural stone highly prized for its timeless beauty. Marble is known to ‘age’ over time, so that is a consideration when selecting marble. For many, this is a beautiful effect of marble.

Note that natural stones may vary in their characteristics within a natural stone category as some marbles are known to be ‘hard’ marbles. As you develop your short list of surfaces and visit our showroom, we can provide additional information about the particular marble you like to guide you in its characteristics. Marble is suitable for kitchen countertops, shower surrounds and flooring.

Granite slab


Easy to clean

Medium heat resistance

Unique veining for beautiful, classic look


Porous and needs sealing to avoid stains

Low etching resistance

May scratch

Porcelain slab


Laminam is a state-of-the-art beautiful and durable surface imported from Italy. Boston Granite Exchange is the exclusive distributor of Laminam in New England. Laminam and its superior quality is suitable for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, walls and flooring, shower and fireplace surrounds and exterior cladding.


High stain, etching and abrasion resistance

Book-matching options for a beautiful look

Strong, yet light, so suitable for large, impactful designs on walls and floors




An engineered stone composed of quartz and other minerals bound with resin. The BGE Quartz Collection includes four lines of beautiful quartz to meet every style and budget. Quartz is a popular surface and is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom for use as kitchen countertops, bar tops, vanity tops, bathroom surrounds as well as flooring.

Granite slab


Easy Maintenance

Wide selection to meet any design style and budget

High abrasion, stain and etching resistance



Quartzite slab


A beautiful and durable natural stone with a wide range of colors and designs. Quartzite offers homeowners a wide selection for a new kitchen or bathroom to use a quartzite stone for kitchen countertops, bar tops, bathroom vanities, wall covering as well as flooring.


Unique natural designs

Medium heat resistance

High abrasion, stain and etching resistance


Periodic sealing recommended every 6 months


A classic stone with an antique, historic look. Soapstone is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms including kitchen countertops and vanity tops.

Soapstone slab


Natural, rich color

Absorbs and distributes heat

Easy to maintain

High stain, etching and chemical resistance


Low abrasion resistance – susceptible to scratching

May darken over time

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