Your time is valuable, so we want to help you plan your visit to one of our natural stone, quartz and porcelain showrooms including when to visit, where to visit, what to expect and what happens after you select your quartz or natural stone.

When to Visit

Selection/Order Timeframe

Are you here??

You are welcome to visit our granite and marble showrooms as many times as you want, but generally you should plan to visit one of our showrooms one month (4 weeks) in advance of kitchen countertop installation to choose your stone.

If you plan to choose the actual slab(s) for your project during your visit to our showroom, please be aware that movement of material stops at 4pm.

To view select slabs, please plan to be at our showroom before 4pm. If that is not possible, please call us in advance so we can arrange the material to be available for viewing.

Where to Visit

As natural stone, quartz and porcelain importers and wholesalers, we have multiple showroom locations. Select the showroom that is most convenient for you:

Boston Granite Exchange, 1 Park Ridge Road, Haverhill, MA


1 Parkridge Road
Haverhill, MA

Boston Granite Exchange, 279 Pleasant Street, West Bridgewater, MA


279 Pleasant Street
West Bridgewater, MA

What to Expect

On your first visit, a Customer Service Representative will greet you and present you with a Welcome Kit for you to review.

You will receive materials to help you browse our natural stone, quartz and porcelain options in the showroom including a reference of our color coding — see grid below.

When you visit one of our showrooms, you will notice all natural stone slabs are color coded. This color coding indicates the availability of the natural stone as well as its processing complexity.

Upon arrival, you will receive this information as a reference. Consult with your fabricator regarding your budget as the color coding is unique to our showrooms.

BGE Color Codes
The goal of most visits is to select the natural stone, quartz or porcelain for your home, including kitchen countertops, shower surrounds, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, and bathroom and vanity marble and quartzite countertops. When you find the natural stone slabs or quartz or porcelain design you like, we will put a hold on your selections. Material is held for up to 7 days. Upon confirmation of purchase, BGE delivers the natural stone, quartz or porcelain to the fabricator.

After Your Visit

If you have selected a natural stone slab, quartz or porcelain design, we will put a hold on the material for up to 7 days.

What Boston Granite Exchange Does for You

The Boston Granite Exchange customer service representative will tag the slab(s) and hold the material for up to 7 days. He or she will contact your fabricator on your behalf to inform them of your chosen material. Your fabricator provides confirmation of purchase via a purchase order. Boston Granite Exchange then supplies the natural stone, quartz or porcelain slab(s) to your fabricator.

What You Do

For either natural stone slabs, quartz or porcelain, you need to contact your fabricator to confirm the material you have selected. You may be required to provide a deposit to your fabricator for them to take delivery of the natural stone, quartz or porcelain for you.

The fabricator will work with you to measure, finalize the cut and work directly with you on installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to visit one of your showrooms?
What are your holiday hours?

Please call us to confirm our showroom hours when there is a holiday or check the footer of this website for special holiday hours.

How do I know the pricing of the stone I select at your showroom?

Given we are wholesalers, pricing does not come from us. Pricing will be provided by either your fabricator or your kitchen and bath dealer. Please contact them to obtain the pricing of the material you are interested in

How long can a slab or slabs be held for?

Up to 7 days.

How do I know when is the right time in my project to select a stone for my countertops?

In general, if you are about a month away from when your countertops should be installed, you should come visit us to explore and select a stone.

Can I expect professional design advice at your showroom to help me make a decision?

We are not interior designers so we encourage you to bring those you trust with you on your visit to help you coordinate your countertop selection with the other elements of your kitchen.

What if I visit the showroom and the slab(s) I like are on hold?

This is a possibility as we have visitors in all of our showrooms regularly.  Holds are only maintained for up to 7 days so there is a chance the hold will be released. We have a large inventory and receive new inventory regularly. We will search inventory in our other showrooms for you, too.

I want to select my particular slabs. Do I need to call in advance to ensure I can view the slabs?

Great question!  We stop moving all material at 4pm Monday – Friday. If you cannot make it to one of our showrooms before 4pm, call us in advance to arrange for your materials to be available for viewing.

In the twenty years that we have worked with Boston Granite Exchange, we have continually been blown away by their level of service. The company provides exceptional product in the time frame promised.

Amie, Purchasing Manager
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