We learn from homeowners and we value their thoughts. Recently, we sat down with Elisa, a homeowner who lives in the Merrimack Valley with her family. About two years ago, Elisa completed a kitchen renovation on her 25-year-old Colonial style home.

The renovation included expanding the kitchen into the formal dining room space that was going unused. For her countertops and island, Elisa chose Supreme White quartzite from the Boston Granite Exchange showroom.

We asked Elisa to share what she would do differently for her kitchen renovation. Here’s what she said:

Overall, our experience was really good. We did lots of research beforehand, had contractors we trusted and really helpful vendors to work with, but there are definitely a couple of things that, on reflection, we would have been more attentive to.

  1. Every home and every renovation is different so there will be things your contractor doesn’t know. Ask your contractor lots of questions – but remember they may not always know the answer off the top of their head. If you aren’t satisfied with an answer, push back so that you get the right information to make the best decisions for your home.
  2. Along the same lines, if you choose an item that isn’t standard, be sure that your contractor knows how to install it correctly. For example, some appliances require special venting, and if the installers review the specs and know this in advance, it will save you on cost overruns for additional work and labor.
  3. Make sure your contractor knows what your town requires so that everything is up to code and passes inspection once the work is done.

Building codes vary from town to town and change all the time. Your contractor may do work in many different towns, so make sure they know what the current rules are to ensure your renovation is up to code when the inspector comes.

I guess, for me, it boils down to doing more homework and making sure you communicate clearly and in detail with your contractor. Don’t take things for granted, if you are not sure, ask!

All that said, we love our new, larger kitchen. It suits our family’s lifestyle and we get many compliments on the gorgeous quartzite countertops that make the space bright and beautiful.

We’re grateful to Elisa for taking the time to talk with us and reflect on her kitchen renovation project.

At Boston Granite Exchange, we offer a wide selection of natural stone, quartz and porcelain. If 2022 has a renovation project in store for you, be sure to leverage the content on our website to help you plan, then visit to our showroom and explore the wide selection of options for your home.