When homeowners visit Boston Granite Exchange they usually are well into the renovation process. However, we know that for some homeowners beginning the process is filled with anxiety and questions. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

To help you jumpstart planning your kitchen renovation, here are two important considerations architects and kitchen designers recommend as you begin your renovation.

  1. Determine Your Budget
    · Determine where the money will come from and how much you can afford to spend
    · Set aside a contingency fund for changes or problems that arise (typically 5-10%)
    · Don’t forget to account for the cost of furniture, upholstery or other related renovation items.
  2. Create a list of Needs, Wants and Nice-to-Haves
    · When you start looking at Pinterest and Houzz your imagination can run wild. You, of course, are going to establish a budget and it’s possible (even likely) that not everything you imagine will fit into your budget. Categorizing your likes into needs, wants and nice-to-haves will help in decision-making and trade-offs throughout the kitchen renovation process
    · Be as specific as you can, for example, “need better flow and more sun” is vague; “need a mudroom” is specific. If you plan on staying in your home for the long-term, try to think ahead to what you might need in the future and what drives home value as you make your list.

Renovating a kitchen is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. At Boston Granite Exchange, we’re here to assist you in important aspects of your project including selecting your kitchen countertop surfaces and perhaps your backsplash, too! We hope these suggestions help you reduce stress and make progress on your kitchen renovation plan.

As you are planning the details, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill, MA or West Bridgewater, MA, to see the wide selection of kitchen countertop surfaces in natural stone, Laminam porcelain and The BGE Quartz Collection to find the just right stone for your kitchen countertops. We have styles to suit every taste and budget.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.