While you are planning your new kitchen, consider a slab backsplash. Using a continuous slab of natural stone, quartz or porcelain can give your kitchen a beautiful and interesting and even dramatic look. As a bonus, with no grouting to worry about, cleaning a slab backsplash is easy.

Here are three ways you can use a slab backsplash. Each is beautiful and each offers a different look for your kitchen.

1. Focal Point Backsplash

Select a unique piece of stone for the backsplash behind the stovetop. Take your time selecting the slab that’s perfect for your style. Let that stone create a focal point and be the inspiration for the rest of the space. This works well in a smaller kitchen, where you can choose something dramatic that might be overwhelming to the eye if it was used across a larger space, but using it in a smaller area creates a big style impact.

2. Bookmatched Backsplash

A bookmatched slab takes two slabs and installs them side by side like the pages of an open book, creating a mirror image of the stone’s design. This occurs in nature when the slabs were right next to one another in the quarry, but it can also be achieved with engineered stones like quartz and porcelain. The bookmatched look is dramatic and luxurious.

3. Matching Countertop & Backsplash

Using the same stone for your countertop and backsplash creates a beautiful, clean, cohesive design. Pair the stone with contrasting cabinets to add dimension to the design.  Balance the look of the room: if the stone has lots of variation or movement, choose subtle cabinets with an even grain; if the stone is more subdued, then look for cabinets with variation and an interesting grain.

None of these options will disappoint, and all of them will create a unique and beautiful space.

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms in West Bridgewater, MA or Haverhill, MA to explore the many beautiful options available. You can choose your countertops and backsplash from The BGE Quartz Collection, Laminam porcelain, or natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite or soapstone. Your only limit is your imagination.

These beautiful stones are best seen in person to enjoy their beauty and imagine them as your kitchen’s backsplash.

We hope you will visit soon!