Three Design Elements that Make It Special

Sometimes, living in New England, we forget that our unique New England style is sought after by people in other regions of the country. We have a special place in our hearts for the cozy, casual warmth of a New England kitchen which takes its inspiration from several sources.

1. Practical Simplicity

Pilgrim homes often had just one room – the kitchen. Meals were cooked and eaten there, sewing, knitting and other indoor chores were done by the fire, and at the end of the day the space was converted for sleeping. Pilgrim homes had few windows so the hearth was their source of heat and light. The Pilgrims were known for their very simple lifestyle, which continues to influence New England style where the kitchen is the heart of the home.

The Shakers came a bit later, and their skilled woodwork and practical style became a strong influence in New England. They used simple designs and natural materials to create cozy spaces in their homes. Their furniture designs are timeless, with clean lines and functionality. In the modern New England kitchen, these designs influence cabinets as well as dining furniture.

2. Inspiration from Nature

New England’s nature also influences the design of our kitchens. Materials and colors inspired by nature – from Plymouth Rock and the Atlantic Ocean to the Green Mountains of Vermont – play a role in the design of a New England kitchen. White kitchens with natural wood and hues of classic blue and deep blue greens are traditional, sometimes with nautical accents. As you get further inland, the wood tones become darker, the colors become deeper and the windows are bigger to bring in more natural light.

3. An Island – or Two

Islands have been part of the New England kitchen from early on. The need for plenty of work space to prepare food is not new; the farmers and fishermen of New England had large families and needed plenty of space to work in their kitchens to get food on the table. Kitchen islands have evolved in practical ways that would please our Pilgrim and Shaker forebears. They come with beautiful surfaces that are easy to care for and have plenty of storage space beneath them.

The New England kitchen is warm, comfortable and always open for a cup of tea. The comfortable, practical and cozy style of a New England kitchen is admired around the country.

If your New England home needs a new kitchen, we invite you to explore our website for ideas and take notes on the materials you like in order to narrow down your selection (download our worksheet here to help). Then plan a visit to one of our showrooms to see the materials up close and choose the natural stone, quartz or porcelain that will make your New England kitchen – or any other style kitchen you prefer – the ideal kitchen for your home.