Move over, bathtubs, the once utilitarian shower is now embracing luxury and taking center stage! Homeowners continue to bring calming influences into the home, looking for ways to make it a pleasant refuge where time spent is comfortable and relaxing. This trend is now headed for a shower near you!

At their most basic, showers are the human equivalent of a carwash: get in, get clean, and get out. In the past, the bathtub was the place to luxuriate. Now, though, we are seeing new elements introduced that elevate the shower to spa-like luxury. Here are four main trends we’re seeing:

  1. Larger showers
    Showers are getting larger or, if space is not available, creative use of the existing space allows for the appearance of being larger. Curb-less or walk-in showers are a popular option, as well as frameless glass doors that allow the room to appear larger.
  2. Porcelain
    According to Houzz, the most popular material for showers right now is porcelain. At Boston Granite Exchange, we devoted a great deal of time and research to finding the finest porcelain available to offer in our showrooms, Laminam. Laminam is the highest quality porcelain and it is beautiful, too. If you are looking to create a luxurious bathroom, a Laminam porcelain shower surround is the place to start.
  3. Luxurious shower heads
    Rainfall showerheads offer that high-end spa feel at home. Other options include steam or mist showers which can be used to disperse essential oils for aromatherapy. A very popular trend is to have two – or more – shower heads.
  4. Other Upgrades
    Adding a bench, a sound system and even mood lighting are other popular “extras” to increase the luxury of time spent in the shower.

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, you aren’t alone. In fact, in 2022 84% of US homeowners made some type of improvements to their bathrooms. These improvements are a wise decision both improve your home and increase the resale value of your home.

If you are planning to upgrade bathrooms in your home, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms in West Bridgewater, MA or Haverhill, MA to see our selection of Laminam and find the style and design that is right for your new shower.

Come see us soon and get that relaxing, luxurious bathroom upgrade underway.