It’s a New Year. You’ve got a new calendar. Maybe you’re thinking of a new kitchen. If you’ve been putting it off, 2023 might be the year for your kitchen renovation. If you are starting to plan a new kitchen, here are seven design trends that we like.


  1. Homeowners are getting away from all-white kitchens. One way that color is showing up to balance the white in the kitchen is with a painted island base. This instant pop of color is an easy and inexpensive way to warm up a white kitchen.
  2. Shades of blue and green are showing up and they are a refreshing change of pace, adding a “wow” factor to kitchens. We’ve told you in recent blogs about the blue and green stones we’ve added to our showroom inventories. Deep hues add contrast and give a classic feel.
  3. We’re also seeing bold choices; a trend toward a mix of different styles that includes strong colors, expressive stones and nontraditional combinations of different materials.


  1. Kitchens with lots of lower drawers, instead of cabinets, continue to be on the rise. Drawers glide out easily, making searching the back of a cabinet on hands and knees with a flashlight a thing of the past. Drawers can hold tableware, small appliances and so much more and give you easier access.
  2. Installing power outlets under the cabinets, rather than in the backsplash, reduces cord clutter behind small appliances and gives your kitchen a clean uncluttered look. And, these hidden electrical outlets include USB outlets, too.


  1. A new trend we love is the hidden butler’s pantry. Concealed behind a custom cabinet door, these pantries are a room of their own. The reveal to guests is fun, but this also gives you more space for prep work and allows you to remove some of the prep work from view. These spaces are inspired and really useful.
  2. Dramatic natural stone is on trend in 2023. Stone in the kitchen is not new, but we’re seeing more use of natural stone as a focal point in the kitchen. Dramatic stone colors, waterfall islands and natural stone slab backsplashes are all featured in this beautiful use of natural stone.

If you are planning a new kitchen, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms, in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, to see the many beautiful natural stones, Laminam porcelain and The BGE Quartz Collection. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style or a dramatic statement, we offer stones for every taste and budget.

We look forward to seeing you.