The kitchen is the busiest room in the house around holiday time. From baking special family recipes to preparing traditional holiday feasts, the room seems to hum around the clock as the days count down to the holidays.

Laminam porcelain is made for a busy kitchen—your busy kitchen. There are many reasons why Laminam makes an ideal kitchen countertop including its superior quality, beauty and the wide selection of colors and styles available. But today, we’d like to focus on the durability and ease of use that it delivers. Laminam:

  • is stain, etch, heat and abrasion resistant
  • is durable
  • does not require sealing
  • only requires daily cleaning with gentle dish soap and water
  • is non-porous and hygienic

Laminam porcelain is so durable that professional chefs were invited by the manufacturer to prepare and present recipes directly on the surface. They chop right on the porcelain, pour boiling ingredients on it, use a cooking torch on it and even use liquid nitrogen on it. And it all cleans up with soap and water leaving the porcelain as beautiful as when they began. Also, Laminam porcelain is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

See for yourself: Watch this video of Panzerotto being made on Ossido Nero Laminam and this video of Spicy Polenta made on Noir Desir Laminam. As you observe the ease of use and remarkable durability of Laminam, you may also discover a new recipe or two for your holiday entertaining!

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and are looking for a beautiful, durable countertop surface for your new kitchen, consider Laminam porcelain. Laminam is the leader in the industry, and the quality of Laminam porcelain is why we partnered with them to be their exclusive New England dealer. After you watch the videos, explore Laminam on our website and then visit one of our showrooms to see in person the many beautiful colors and styles of Laminam porcelain available for your new kitchen.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!