The Danby Quarry in Dorset, Vermont, is a quarry we’ve visited often. Not only is it the closest to home quarry for us, but it is also the largest underground quarry in the United States, and it produces some of the most beautiful marble in the world.

Many monuments and public buildings use Danby Marble including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery. It is known throughout the world for its strength and beauty.

Like snowflakes, no two slabs of Danby Marble are the same. They all share the iconic white color with veining that ranges from muted grey to black. The variation in colors depends on which part of the mountain a slab is extracted from and which layers of the veins are within the marble. Boston Granite Exchange is delighted to announce we are now carrying a new design of Danby Marble, Olympian Pearl. Olympian Pearl has a rich, plentiful grey veining throughout the stone that is just beautiful.

Danby Marble is an excellent choice for home use. It can be used for stunning marble kitchen countertops, elegant backsplashes, statement-making bar tops, fireplace surrounds or flooring. Almost anything you can imagine. If you are planning a home renovation, learn more about Danby Marble by reading the Story Behind the Stone or visit our showroom to see Olympian Pearl and other Danby Marble designs in person. They are stunning!

We look forward to seeing you.