There are many considerations as you plan your kitchen renovation. One important place to start is how you use your kitchen. Everyone uses their kitchen differently. A person who loves to cook is going to have very specific wishes and will want certain things tailored just to their liking. For example, an avid baker might want a baking station with a marble countertop for rolling out pastry and double ovens for baking. Some cooks may prefer a larger range with extra burners and a griddle.

Recently, we spoke with Amy, a homeowner in the Merrimack Valley who has renovated her kitchen. Amy lives in a large home built circa 1890. She loves the feel of her older home but wanted a kitchen renovation that would offer her a kitchen with all the modern amenities to make cooking for her family more convenient. Amy loves to cook, so a kitchen she enjoys working in that is tailored to her needs is important to her.

As they began the planning process, Amy says the most important thought she kept in mind was, “Think about how you cook.” As she thought about her cooking needs, her style, how she wanted her kitchen to run and how she, her husband and two daughters use the kitchen, the layout easily began to take shape in her mind.

An island was a must, but the function of it was important to Amy. She now has a small sink with a disposal in the island in addition to a standard sized sink under the kitchen window. Amy finds that she uses the island sink for most of her prep work and that the other sink is generally for doing the dishes. The sink’s placement in the granite-topped island, which has dual height counters, allows Amy to enjoy the company of guests sitting at the bar on one side of the island while she gets the meal together on the other side.

Amy also opted for two ovens. One is a conventional oven, the other is a multi-function wall oven that serves as a microwave, convection oven and also uses halogen technology. On busy nights this is a godsend, allowing Amy to get meals on the table in less time than with a conventional oven.

The home has tall, old-fashioned hot water radiators, but in the kitchen their contractor offered them the option to remove the radiators and install radiant floor heating. This was an option based on the scope of the work that was to be done. At first Amy thought it would be odd in an older home, but they decided to go with it. The removal of the radiators in the space created more space overall. The wood floor in the kitchen is also warm and cozy on a cold New England morning when everyone is scrambling to get ready for work or school.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms to see the large selection of natural stone, quartz and porcelain we have for you to choose from. We look forward to seeing you and helping you realize the kitchen you want for your home.