Three Things that Don’t Belong and Two that Do

As you start planning your kitchen renovation project, you’ve promised yourself that rule number one will be that the pile of papers and mail on the kitchen counter is never going to reappear in your new kitchen. It’s not as challenging a goal as you might think. Kitchen designers have been innovating to help you achieve your goal.

Minimalism has been a world-wide trend for a few years. Kitchen designers recognized this and have found ways to reconfigure cabinets to hold more and different things in more convenient ways.

The 3 Things That Gotta Go

  1. Papers – You’re on the right track wanting to get rid of that pile of mail, homework and receipts. That clutter is ugly to look at and leaves you feeling disorganized. It ends up there because it doesn’t have a home or you don’t know quite what to do with it. Be decisive and deal with that pile. Then make it a habit every day.
  2. Dirty Dishes – Put them in the sink – or better yet the dishwasher. No one likes walking into the kitchen and seeing dishes all over the counter. Train everyone in your household now to enjoy your beautiful new countertops!
  3. Large Kitchen Appliances – Unless you run a bakery out of your home, you don’t need a stand mixer on your kitchen counter all the time. You don’t need the crockpot, toaster or food processor on the countertop either. This is where the clever cabinetry comes in. There are convenient ways to store these big kitchen items so you can pull them out easily when you need them. Keep them out of sight when not in use.

The 2 Things That Belong

For a beautiful, clean look, have two items visible on your beautiful new kitchen countertops:

  1. Establish a coffee (or tea) station that is simple and accessible.
  2. A pretty bowl with fruit or a decorative plant.

That’s all. Simple, clean and inviting to show off your beautiful countertops and let the overall design and style of your new kitchen be the focus.

Your Vision

Now that you are changing habits and removing clutter from your kitchen counter, it’s time to imagine your new kitchen! So start the planning.

  1. We recommend a Plan. If you are early in the process, check out our overview of the kitchen renovation project process to help you sequence the many steps in the process. We hope this helps you organize your project and reduce the stress.
  2. Explore to see the beautiful countertop surfaces we have to offer. We offer a large collection of beautiful stones ranging from natural stones to our own quartz collection, The BGE Quartz Collection. Learn more about each stone including granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite and quartz to help you assess which stone characteristics work best for your lifestyle and look.
  3. Visit. Once you’ve narrowed down what type of stone – or stones – you prefer, then contact us to book an appointment at one of our showrooms. You will receive a checklist to help you refine your list as you see your favorites up close and perhaps see a few more to consider!

Our showrooms are open Monday through Friday by appointment only. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we follow all social distancing guidelines.

We look forward to being a part of your kitchen transformation with clean, beautiful countertops so the heart of your home brings warmth and joy for many years!