Quartz is an alternative to natural stone. Quartz is an engineered stone with up to 93% quartz and the remaining percentage made of binder and pigment. It offers a wide variety of designs and colors and many people prefer quartz because the engineering process eliminates variances and nuances that appear in natural stones such as marble, granite and quartzite. The uniformity is attractive to homeowners for consistent veining and color effects achieved through the manufacturing process. 

It is a durable solution for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses. Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and indoor bars as well as flooring and surrounds. It is important to know that quartz is not suited for exterior uses.

Part of the popularity of quartz is due to its ease of care. The strength of quartz makes it naturally resistant to abrasion, scratches, dents and even acids without the need for sealants. An ordinary daily wipe-down with warm water and mild soap is all that is needed to maintain a quartz countertop. While it is true it is relatively easy to care for, the reality is that Americans have been informed that other natural stones are difficult to care for which is somewhat misleading. Many natural stones are easy to care for as well.

Recently, quartz has gained in popularity because it offers more aesthetic choices than natural stone. Manufacturers produce quartz in a great variety of colors to suit many tastes and decors. They are also able to produce pieces that resemble a variety of natural stones so well that it is difficult to distinguish them from the natural stone. Manufacturers have also introduced texture as a feature, and this has gotten the attention of some homeowners and designers. Traditionally, quartz is smooth and shiny, but now there are options for sueded textures and even rustic looks that conjure images of volcanic rock.

Another advantage of quartz is that the environmental impact is low. The supply of quartz is abundant, and the finished product is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and durable. Quartz can last a lifetime minimizing the need for replacement. The BGE Quartz Collection includes three lines of quartz:  Quantra, Eterno by BGE and USA Quartz. Eterno by BGE is our own private line of quartz and offers designs that have the look of classic Italian marble. Explore the variety of quartz choices offered in The BGE Quartz Collection.