As you have begun exploring the choices for a new kitchen, you’ve learned about the different types of natural stones and you’ve probably heard the term “exotic stone,” but what does that mean?

Very simply, an exotic stone is unique – in one or more ways – and rare.

How Does this Happen?

Stones are defined by their mineral content. Marble is formed primarily from limestone; granite and quartzite are composed mainly of feldspar and natural quartz, the difference between them is that quartzite has a higher percentage of quartz.

Something happened to exotic stones, over the thousands of years of formation, which makes them different from traditional stones. The “something” could be variations in the mineral content where they form, variations in the weather over time, such as drought or flooding, or geological factors like soil movement, earthquakes or volcanic activity.

Any of these factors can alter the stone that is formed. These alterations result in unique, rich colors or unusual veining and striking movement and visual patterns in the stone.

There is no way to predict where these stones will be found and typically the formation is confined to a small area or region where the change in the normal stone formation occurred. Once that particular quarry is empty, that unique natural stone is gone forever.

Make a Statement

The colors and veining of exotic stones are like no other, allowing your kitchen design to go beyond the ordinary. Kitchen countertops made from exotic stones will be the natural focal point of the room. Exotic natural stone can also be used to add a touch of luxury to other areas of the home as a bar top or a furniture top.

Some exotic stones sport silver or gold flecks, many come in deep, bold colors that would never be found in a traditional stone, and some have striking patterns within the stone that are worthy of an art piece.

The choice of an exotic stone will make a striking statement in your home.

You Have to See Them

There are many beautiful stones available for your kitchen project.

We invite you to make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms, in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, to see our selection of exotic stones, as well as all of our natural stones, quartz and porcelain.