If you were planning to remodel your kitchen this spring and your plans have been slowed by the coronavirus, or if spending so much time at home has made you realize that it’s time for a kitchen remodel, you can start planning – right now – from the comfort of your home.

While our showrooms are closed due to Covid-19, our virtual showroom is open all the time.

You can visit our website, imagine what you want by perusing beautiful kitchens to get ideas and then plan your new kitchen with our guidelines to help you sequence the various components. When businesses including ours open up again you will have a head start on your kitchen remodel project!

These are extraordinary times but making progress on planning your new kitchen can be a nice distraction. We encourage you to make notes, browse websites including ours and bookmark what you like to help bring your design alive.  

We are proud of the vast inventory of beautiful natural stones we source from all over the world! From granite to marble, soapstone to quartzite, you can explore our inventory to learn the characteristics of each stone to help you determine whether you prefer a natural stone such as granite or quartzite or a quartz, which is manufactured. We have our own quartz collection, The BGE Quartz Collection, with four lines of quartz to choose from to meet every budget and color preference.   

Once you’ve narrowed down the types of stone you like and the characteristics that best meet your lifestyle, this worksheet will allow you to keep track of the stones you like by type of stone, color name and lot number, along with any notes you have about the stones. Then, when our showrooms open up again, you can visit, see your favorite stones up close and make your final selections.

We look forward to your in-person visit, but in the meantime, we welcome you to our virtual showroom. Visit whenever you like and as many times as you wish!