Designers consider texture to be as important as color, yet texture is often an overlooked element of kitchen design. Texture adds depth and balance to the room, and it can make a room feel bigger or brighter. Without some textural elements your new kitchen might end up feeling flat.

The following three textural elements large or small will add visual interest as you update or renovate your kitchen.

1. Contrast

Pairing contrasting elements will give you visual interest. For example, pairing a smooth, rich marble countertop with distressed wood cabinets or modern metal light fixtures with exposed brickwork will provide contrast that will delight the eye. Even the veining of your natural stone or quartz kitchen countertop will add texture to your kitchen.

2. Finish

A simple way to add luxurious texture to your kitchen is with the finish you choose for your natural stone or quartz countertop. If many of your kitchen elements are sleek and shiny, you might opt for the contrast of a honed, leathered or matte finish for your countertop. If your kitchen design has little in the way of shiny or reflective elements, then a polished natural stone or quartz will add that textural element to the room.

3. Fixtures

If the overall look of your room is monochromatic, texture is an important feature to add depth. Your fixtures can be just enough to make a difference. While chrome was the go-to look for fixtures in the past, brushed steel and copper, either brushed or smooth, are becoming more popular as lighting, cabinet and plumbing fixtures in kitchens.

Boston Granite Exchange has a large selection of natural stones, like granite, quartzite, soapstone and marble as well as The BGE Quartz Collection. We have a vast selection of colors and styles with numerous finishes available. As you plan your new kitchen, selecting your countertop is a beautiful and easy way to add textural elements.

To help you add texture to your kitchen, schedule an appointment to visit one of our showrooms Monday through Friday. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we’re following all recommended guidelines regarding social distancing and PPE so make an appointment and bring your mask. Call our Haverhill showroom at 978-372-8300 or our West Bridgewater showroom at 508-521-1800 to schedule a visit. We look forward to seeing you.