There many choices to be considered when you begin to plan for a new kitchen. Choosing cabinets, flooring, appliances and countertops can feel overwhelming, and you need to do your homework on all of them.

When you are looking for your countertop surface, you’re probably considering quartz along with natural stones including granite, marble and quartzite. But have you considered porcelain? Do you know it makes an excellent kitchen countertop in terms of durability, ease of use and beauty?

Porcelain has been used in Europe for many years, but here in the US we have been slow to adopt this beautiful surface, until recently. Americans are now beginning to discover the timeless elegance that porcelain can bring to their homes. Porcelain is a beautiful and durable surface, and Boston Granite Exchange has partnered with Laminam, the premiere porcelain manufacturer, to offer our customers the finest quality porcelain surfaces available.

Here are three important reasons why we chose to partner with Laminam:

1. Innovative

Laminam has taken the manufacturing of porcelain to a whole new level. They reinvented the manufacturing process, literally building a new and better machine to produce higher quality porcelain surfaces. They have a research team that is constantly looking for ways to improve Laminam. And, they put a priority on investing in quality control and testing to ensure any slab leaving their manufacturing facility is worthy of the Laminam name.

2. Sustainable

The Laminam team carefully selects the clays, feldspars and silicon that compose Laminam porcelain. The materials are all certified to be responsibly mined. These naturally sourced materials make up 94% of the materials used in the production of Laminam. Every Laminam surface contains up to 40% pre-consumer recycled material

Respecting the ecosystem is at the heart of every production and development process at Laminam. Using natural raw materials and sustainable technologies to minimize the environmental impact, while also committing to zero polluting emissions, minimum CO² emissions, low energy consumption and low water consumption allows Laminam to fulfill this goal. By selecting Laminam porcelain for your home, you are supporting sustainability and protecting Mother Earth.

3. Limitless Possibilities

The people at Laminam believe that we are limited only by our imaginations. And Laminam has a lot of people with amazing imaginations. Taking their inspiration from nature, particularly from the natural Italian stones that have been famous for thousands of years in art and architecture, Laminam has succeeded in replicating in its surfaces the elegance of the variations in color which distinguish these materials in nature. Take a look at the array of beautiful colors and designs that Laminam has to offer.

Impeccable colors, accompanied by a constant drive towards improvement, research, and a pioneering spirit of innovation are at the very heart of Laminam philosophy.

At Boston Granite Exchange, we carefully select the stones and the partners we work with from all over the globe. We are thrilled to have chosen Laminam as the line of porcelain that we offer our customers. Come visit one of our showrooms, discover the beauty of Laminam porcelain and find out if it is right for your home whether in a new kitchen, as wall cladding or a stunning (and groutless) shower surround.