As you plan your new kitchen, there is a lot to think about. Kitchen islands have grown in popularity when designing new kitchens and for many of us, the shape is typically rectangular. As you plan your new kitchen, the shape of the kitchen island can transform your space, utilize existing space and make a statement.


A T-shaped island can offer you the option to attach a table as the vertical line of the T. The table section is a traditional table height. The crossbar of the T is at work-height allowing meal preparation there. The T-shape allows you to integrate a more traditional dining environment into your kitchen. As an added point of interest, you could have your table top made of the same stone that you choose for your countertop. The BGE Quartz Collection offers a wide selection of beautiful quartz that is suitable for countertop and table top use offering easy maintenance and durability. Keep in mind The BGE Quartz Collection includes USA Quartz that is available in jumbo slabs which offer great value for a large kitchen island design.

L- shaped

An L-shaped island allows you to have different activity zones occupying a single island. One leg could have a cooktop, and the other could have a small sink. Or you could have one leg devoted to food preparation and the other leg to bar-height dining. This configuration can really inspire your imagination as you consider what you prefer for a layout and materials that will make it your ideal kitchen. The L-shape can be designed to leverage the dimensions of natural stone slabs to minimize seams. If you like the look of natural stone, granite, marble, soapstone or quartzite are all excellent options.


Curved islands offer a few different looks. You can opt for elegantly curved edges on a traditional rectangular island. If space is a concern, an oval island can be both eye-catching and efficient for a smaller space. If you love to entertain and everyone ends up in the kitchen you could choose a grand horseshoe shaped island suited for larger kitchens that allows plenty space for sitting and dining on one side and a lower level food prep area on the other so your guests can keep you company while you put the finishing touches on dinner.

Whether you choose to think outside the rectangle or not, when it comes time to choose the stone for your kitchen island and countertops, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms and explore our large selection of natural stones and The BGE Quartz Collection. We have stones from all over the globe to inspire your designs and meet your budget. We look forward to seeing you and helping your new kitchen take shape.