The holiday season is here, and like most people you are likely cleaning, decorating and preparing your home for the upcoming holidays. As you look around your kitchen it’s tired; and you are tired of it! Do you want this holiday season to be the last one in this kitchen? You can make that happen.

Start Making Notes

With a strategy to get you started, next year you could be getting ready for the holidays in a beautiful new kitchen. Like most projects, you start with planning and keeping some notes. First, as you are working in your kitchen take note of what works for you, take note of things that could work better and the things that you really don’t like about your kitchen. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How do you move in the space?
  • Can you move easily from the stove to the sink?
  • How efficient is your kitchen when more than one person is cooking?

Don’t assume you will remember it all, write it down and start a file for your notes. There are many parts to a kitchen renovation the plan section of our website shows you the breakdown.

Ask Questions

The next part of planning is to look at other kitchens. As you visit family and friends over the holidays, observe what you like, what you don’t like and what works well. Ask questions. Do you have a friend who did a renovation a couple of years ago? Ask what they love or what they would do differently. And make a note of what they say.

You can also take a break from holiday shopping – online or otherwise – and do a little web browsing for cabinets, countertops, or flooring. We encourage customers to start looking at their options for stone countertops by browsing our website.

The holidays are a hectic time and you may think that you don’t have time for this, but these tasks are really an easy place to start your journey and they will help you as you go forward. Making some notes and asking questions as you go about your normal holiday preparations and celebrations won’t feel like a chore.

Notice Materials

When you are in other homes, notice the materials that are used in the kitchen. If it has been a while since your kitchen was renovated, you might still have a Formica countertop. Are you seeing lots of stone countertops? Pay attention to what you like and ask the homeowner what type of stone it is. Then explore our website to familiarize yourself with the different types of stone and their characteristics.  You may find that you prefer one type of stone over others, or you may like a certain type of coloration. Make a note for yourself. If you are doing the renovation with a partner, make sure they are paying at least a little attention. If you are taking the lead on the project, be sure to point out the big things you love and ask for their input.

Enjoy Your Holidays

The task of taking notes won’t be cumbersome, in fact, you’ll probably enjoy doing it in anticipation of eventually getting to turn those notes into your plan for a new kitchen. Consider this your own holiday wish list!  Stay tuned to this blog in the New Year and we’ll guide you through the steps to make your wish come true! Happy Holidays.