There’s a buzz here at BGE as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2024. We’re excited to share our story. In our last blog, we began at the very beginning of our story. If you missed it you can read it here.

By the early 2000s, Boston Granite Exchange had established its reputation for quality and excellence in natural stones and was serving the entire New England region.

As the company grew, it expanded to permanent locations both north and south of Boston. In 2006, Boston Granite Exchange took up residence in our current West Bridgewater location and moved into our custom-built warehouse and showroom in Haverhill.

John Byrne, Bill Thomas and Terri Feeney
John Byrne, Bill Thomas and Terri Feeney

The expansion of the company included the hiring of the core team that manages Boston Granite Exchange to this day.

John Byrne, who helped secure the first warehouse in South Boston, had been working in the telecom industry when he changed paths and began working at Boston Granite Exchange in March of 2003. Bill Thomas had been working in logistics and had been doing some work for Boston Granite when he was approached to come on board full time in April of 2003. The two men joke about the month of difference in their hire dates! Terri Feeney came aboard a few years later, in 2007.

In these early years, Bill and John began traveling to quarries to meet suppliers and see the many beautiful natural stones that were coming to market. As they learned about the stones and each unique quarry, they built lasting relationships with a worldwide network of suppliers. And back at home they focused on increasing their understanding of the retail market, gaining an understanding of what homeowners were looking for and the factors influencing their preferences.

We chatted a bit about the biggest changes they had seen over the years.

Bill chuckled as he talked about how the stone business started as a “cowboy industry” with contractors pulling up in pickup trucks with cash in hand to buy the stone for their construction projects.

Now that the business has matured, it runs like a well-oiled machine. No longer reliant on Quickbooks and masking tape to manage inventory, they use software that has dramatically changed how they work.

Another change John noted was their relationships with fabricators and kitchen and bath dealers. As the business began to grow, they established relationships with local fabricators and kitchen and bath dealers. These are the people who serve the homeowners and the relationships they developed and maintained over the years represent a key turning point for Boston Granite Exchange.

Of course, new materials have emerged and Boston Granite Exchange has carefully evaluated the business opportunity of such entrants. Engineered stones including quartz and porcelain have made their way onto the scene and into the BGE inventory. The popularity of quartz led to the development of The BGE Quartz Collection, an exclusively curated collection of quartz to meet every style and budget, including our own quartz line, Eterno. We’ve come a long way from that first warehouse in Southie!

We’re proud of the company we’ve built and the relationships we’ve developed over the years to earn our reputation for quality – both the quality of the stones we import and distribute and the quality of our team. You can count on Boston Granite Exchange to be knowledgeable, do the right thing, and deliver a superior experience.

There are many aspects to the work we do, from knowing the stones to understanding the market to the logistics of getting them across the world and into our warehouse to bringing beauty into homes throughout New England. It’s the last one that we think makes the most meaningful impact.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation or other home project, we invite you to visit us at one of our showrooms to explore the many beautiful stones we have available. You are always welcome and, as wholesalers, we will then work directly with your fabricator to coordinate the transformation of the slabs you select. No appointments are necessary, just come on in!