Inventing the Machinery to Make the Finest Porcelain Surfaces

Laminam porcelain has a unique story. In the 20 years since Laminam began making porcelain surfaces, it has become the global market leader for porcelain. That was not the original intent.

Gruppo System was the largest machinery manufacturer in Italy. The company’s CEO at the time, Franco Stefani, thought he could make the porcelain making process better by designing superior machinery. So, he did.

Stefani designed and built the machinery, then patented both the machinery and the process to make porcelain slabs. But he ran into difficulties with the Italian porcelain manufacturers, who were resistant to change despite the clear benefits of the new manufacturing method. Benefits include:

  • The manufacturing process perfects the precise amount of heat and pressure required to make high quality porcelain surfaces.
  • The manufacturing process ensures stringent quality control as each slab is produced.
  • The porcelain can be fabricated as easily as quartz. It doesn’t need a relief cut when it is being fabricated to prevent breakage, unlike other porcelains.

Rather than let his innovation fall by the wayside, Stefani decided to begin manufacturing porcelain using his patented process and superior new machines. The Gruppo System subsidiary that began manufacturing the porcelain machinery was called Lamina, so the porcelain it manufactures is called Laminam. Franco Stefani retired in 2019, but the company continues his legacy of commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Laminam has two purpose-built, state-of-the art facilities in Italy and one in Russia, each manufacturing the highest quality porcelain slabs available. Laminam uses the highest quality raw materials; combined and filtered using a patented method to achieve a consistent color for each of the available porcelain colors. Laminam comes in a wide variety of colors and six different finishes including polished, soft touch, matte and flamed.

The quality and beauty of Laminam porcelain are unmatched. It looks like stone, cuts like quartz and performs like porcelain. After spending years looking for a quality porcelain product to distribute, Boston Granite Exchange is thrilled to partner with Laminam and be their exclusive distributor in New England. We are pleased to offer this high-quality porcelain surface to our customers. Visit one of our showrooms, in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, and see our selection of beautiful, durable Laminam porcelain in person.