Before a stone is installed in your home, the slab has been on quite a journey. For a natural stone such as granite and marble, the slab originated in a quarry and took quite a trip to end up in one of our showrooms. This blog focuses on the final part of the journey – from our showroom to the fabricator and then to your home.

As an importer and wholesaler of natural stone, quartz and porcelain, our showrooms display a wide variety of stone including natural stones such as granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone as well as quartz and porcelain. You choose the stone that suits your taste, project and budget and for natural stones, you will select the specific slabs for your project. Then as a wholesaler, we work with your fabricator to coordinate delivery from our showroom to them. Once delivered, the fabricator begins their magic.

Fabrications begins with templating. For this blog, let’s assume your project is a kitchen renovation. Your kitchen is measured in great detail to determine overall dimensions, where the kitchen sink cut out will be, dimensions for the cooktop and faucet, identification of seam locations if multiple slabs will be fabricated and any additional details unique to your kitchen that affect the countertop fabrication.

Back in the fabrication shop, the template is created and then laid on top of your stone. Final recommendations may be made for your signoff on the layout of the stone. Your stone is then cut. Some stones are cut with industrial diamond-tipped blades or with water jets, often a press cut drill is used to create the faucet openings. Then, the inside edges of the sink are finished. After the cutting and finishing is complete, if needed, sealing is completed.

Then the exciting milestone of installation happens! Your fabricator carefully installs your countertops. They fit them in precisely and snugly with careful accuracy, making sure the job is complete and to your satisfaction. Cleaning and polishing reveals the beauty of your new countertops!

Now the stone’s journey continues as you enjoy your kitchen countertops for many years. Let the memories begin!

If you are starting the journey of remodeling a kitchen, please visit one of our showrooms to browse the surfaces waiting to finish their journey. We’re sure you’ll find natural stone, quartz or porcelain that is just right for your taste, your budget and your project. We look forward to working with you and your fabricator as your stone finishes its journey. If you missed the blog on the first part of the journey, you can read it here.