As a kitchen countertop surface, quartz became popular in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. It took some time for the trend to make its way to the US, where it has become increasingly popular from the 1990s to today. To address the demand for quartz surfaces, Boston Granite Exchange established The BGE Quartz Collection. The Collection offers a beautiful array of quartz to suit every style and budget.

The Collection

The BGE Quartz Collection offers high quality quartz, including designs imported from Europe and quartz made in the United States. We offer an extensive array of quartz including well-known top-of-the line manufacturers such as Compac and Quantra, and our own Eterno brand made exclusively for The BGE Quartz Collection.

Our Exclusive Line

Eterno by BGE is our private label brand of quartz. Its name means “eternal” in Italian, as the line includes quartz replicating the timeless beauty of classic Italian marbles. We invite you to explore Eterno and The BGE Quartz Collection online to see the beautiful colors and designs we offer. For more information on Eterno, download the brochure.

Eternally Evolving

Since the introduction of Eterno, we have continued to expand the Eterno line with new colors and designs as this beautiful line completes The BGE Quartz Collection. As we plan for 2022, we are adding more new designs to the Eterno line, including jumbo slabs that are ideal to maximize yield and accommodate large kitchen islands.

Our Commitment to Quality

Boston Granite Exchange has built our reputation on relationships and our commitment to quality. As an importer and wholesaler of natural stone and quartz, we have travelled all over the world to visit quarries and build relationships. As quartz has grown in popularity, we have carefully researched quartz manufacturers across the world and in the United States to source quality products. A constant in how we operate is that we build partnerships with those we work with and we stand behind every stone we sell.

The quality and beauty of quartz offers you ease of care and beautiful looks that will suit your style and budget. Come visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill or West Bridgewater to see the beauty of Eterno in person.