COMPAC was the first Spanish company to specialize in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surfaces. From their founding in 1975 to today, they have grown into a multi-national corporation. They are deeply embedded in the communities where they have facilities, and as they have grown they have strengthened their corporate mission of social responsibility. From its early days, the growing company began a series of steps that, with hindsight, seems far ahead of its time.

In 1981, they built the most advanced and innovative water recovery and reuse plant to minimize their facilities’ water consumption; today, 95% of water is reused. Other efforts include rainwater collection for use in manufacturing facilities and a process to clean the used water for reuse. These efforts help COMPAC practice responsible water use in their communities.

COMPAC continuously evaluates their manufacturing methods looking for ways to reduce their footprint on the planet. In 1992, they found that by improving efficiencies in their stone cutting methods, they were able to increase their efficiency in the use of raw materials by 25%. By 1998, they were able to reduce their energy consumption by 40% by improving processes. COMPAC has also made a commitment to the use of clean and renewable energy in all their facilities.

As the 21st century dawned, COMPAC increased its efforts to reduce and neutralize its carbon dioxide emissions. Included in this effort has been the planting of over 30,000 trees on its property in Portugal. Additionally, COMPAC has developed a sophisticated internal recycling program in their plants which allows them to sort at the plant level the various categories of waste (paper products, used batteries, plastic, etc.) so that they can be recycled or recovered.

COMPAC ‘s social responsibility mission also extends to noise pollution. They have acoustic soundproofing on the manufacturing lines to reduce the level of noise employees are exposed to, as well as reducing noise for the surrounding community.

And now, in a huge leap of innovation, COMPAC has created Obsidiana, the first in their new category of sustainable surfaces. Made from 100% recycled material – largely post-consumer and post-industrial glass – Obsidiana is also 100% recyclable. As such, it has been called The Ethical Beauty. Suitable for countertops, islands, vanity tops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and other vertical surfaces, Obsidiana has the same quality and characteristics as COMPAC’s other products: It is heat, stain and etch resistant and is available in an array of rich, contemporary colors.

We are proud to offer COMPAC as part of The BGE Quartz Collection. Now, we are pleased to announce that COMPAC Obsidiana is available at Boston Granite Exchange’s showrooms. Plan a visit and then make an appointment to see the beauty of COMPAC Obsidiana in person.