Her Fire Damaged Home is Restored on This Old House®

When Carol Wideman and her family planned their Fourth of July celebration in 2019, they had no idea how that day would change their life. Fireworks from the neighborhood set the house next door on fire. The fire spread to Carol’s home, which was severely damaged.

The triple decker in Dorchester was built in 1905. Carol, a retired accountant, had lived in the home for 39 years, lovingly renovating it over time, as she raised her children and foster children there. The other two levels were occupied by Carol’s two sisters and her three nephews. This close extended family was devastated by the tragedy and they were displaced from their homes.

The Emmy-Award® winning PBS series This Old House follows the restoration, led by the Silva Brothers team, of the triple decker. The work began in October of 2020 and was completed this month.

The home was damaged by both fire and water. Some of the siding melted in the heat, the plaster walls had to be removed and all three kitchens needed restoration. Most of the bathrooms were unusable, and the heating system had water damage. Metropolitan Cabinets was among many companies that stepped up to generously donate products for the project. The company, which donated cabinets for the third floor, recommended that Boston Granite Exchange provide the countertop slabs. When approached with the opportunity, Boston Granite Exchange immediately got involved.

Boston Granite Exchange donated two slabs for the kitchen countertops, one a Quantra quartz from The BGE Quartz Collection and the other a granite. The quartz slab, Quantra Quartz Nile, is a gorgeous surface made using the renowned Breton Technology. Quantra quartz is imported and distributed exclusively in New England by Boston Granite Exchange. African Rainbow is a beautiful granite that is a special favorite of many at Boston Granite Exchange. The kitchen countertops and kitchen restoration project were featured in the April 29 episode of This Old House, which can be viewed here. In this episode, the homeowner, Carol, goes through the selection process for her cabinets, kitchen countertops and hardware.

“When we learned of this wonderful opportunity to give back and help this homeowner restore her cherished family home, we jumped at the chance,” said John Byrne, Vice President of Sales, at Boston Granite Exchange. “We selected two special stone slabs that will add amazing beauty to the home’s multiple kitchens. We’re thrilled to be part of this incredible effort that will enable the owner and her extended family to enjoy this special home for decades to come.”

Carol and her extended family temporarily moved to a home nearby, but they are thrilled that this spring they are moving back into their home, which has been restored to its original state. As a result, Carol’s beautiful smile is back.

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