Your kitchen remodel project is full of options and decisions. One of them is choosing the material for your countertop. Quartz is a popular choice because of its durability, affordability, beauty and styles and colors to meet every desired design. As you plan your new kitchen, let us help you evaluate if quartz is a good choice for your lifestyle.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a man-made stone comprised of natural and engineered elements. Natural quartz crystals are mined from the earth, ground into a dust and then fused with resin binders under intense heat and pressure to form a solid slab. During the process, pigments are added to create slabs with flecks, swirls and patterns and color.


Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, so a quartz countertop is extremely durable. Quartz is scratch, etch, heat and stain resistant making it an ideal choice for a busy kitchen. It is also easy to care for. Quartz does not require sealing and is non-porous so it is highly sanitary. Gentle soap and water are all you need to keep your countertop clean.

Affordable Quality

At Boston Granite Exchange, we offer The BGE Quartz Collection, an expansive line of the finest quality quartz sourced from the USA and across the world. We have carefully selected beautiful quartz to offer homeowners colors, styles and options to meet every budget including some jumbo slabs to meet the needs of larger projects. The BGE Quartz Collection offers quartz in the timeless look of marble or the contemporary look of granite. The Collection also includes quartz produced using the finest technology, the Breton Technology.

As you plan your renovation, we invite you to come visit one of our showrooms and discover The BGE Quartz Collection and the amazing options it offers for your kitchen renovation.

Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we’ll talk more about our exclusive Eterno line of quartz.