The holidays are here. Youve been busy decorating and getting the house ready for your own family or for visiting family and friends. In all the hustle and bustle perhaps you’re feeling a bit frustrated with your space. A new kitchen is on your radar, but you haven’t started planning it yet. As you pull out the holiday décor and your special tableware you are struggling with the lack of space in your kitchen. Which increases your stress. You’d like to take a break and get away from this chore for a little while, but the idea of a trip to the mall sends a chill up your spine. The very thought of the parking nightmare and the crowds pushes your blood pressure upwards.

If you really want a break from the season’s stress and want to indulge yourself for a little while by imagining the kitchen you want, come visit us. You can start planning your new kitchen by exploring the varieties of natural stone we offer as well as exploring  The BGE Quartz Collection.  There’s plenty of free parking, friendly staff and you won’t need to wait in line or elbow your way to the displays. If you’d rather be shopping for a new kitchen instead of a scarf for Aunt Elma, stop by and take a break from the holiday craziness. We’ll offer a warm and stress free welcome.

Happy Holidays!