Your new kitchen is starting to take shape. It’s an exciting time as you anticipate using your wonderful new space. Now, it’s time to select the stone for your kitchen countertops. There are many stone options from natural stones to engineered stone such as quartz. One excellent choice is soapstone. Soapstone is a natural quarried stone. It is a metamorphic rock that gets its name from the soft feel of its surface. This soft feel is due to the presence of talc in the stone.

Soapstone comes in an array of beautiful colors which lean toward neutral shades. It can have varying amounts of marbling making it perfect for use with many color palettes.

Soapstone is versatile with many properties that make it perfect for a busy kitchen:

  • Soapstone offers high resistance to staining; it is dense and nonporous; it may darken when liquid pools on its surface, but it lightens back up when the liquid evaporates or is cleaned off.
  • Soapstone is chemically inert which translates into being resistant to acids such as lemon juice, vinegar or wine.
  • Soapstone is heat resistant. The density of soapstone makes it an amazing conductor of heat, which enables it to withstand high heat without damage. You can put hot pans right on the surface without worry.
  • Soapstone is very easy to maintain. No sealing is necessary and it is bacteria resistant, so harsh cleaners are not needed. Simply use warm water and a mild dish soap for daily cleaning. Occasionally apply a thin coat of food grade mineral oil which will help bring out the natural beauty of your countertop. Consult with your fabricator for their recommendation on a mineral oil product.

Soapstone, due to its high talc content, is a little softer than some other natural stones such as granite or quartzite, so the use of cutting boards is recommended to protect the countertops.

We invite you to visit one of the Boston Granite Exchange showrooms to explore the beauty of soapstone available in honed or leathered finish. You can view our entire collection of natural stone and quartz and decide if soapstone is the best choice for your new kitchen. Browse our soapstone slabs and explore the colors and finishes to find the stone that is just right for your kitchen remodel. Soapstone is an excellent option for kitchen countertops as well as bar tops and fireplaces and fireplace surrounds. We look forward to your visit to the Boston Granite Exchange where you can explore soapstone in our showroom.