Many think of neutrals as being white, ivory, beige or greys. But the new decade includes new neutrals to consider including designing a new kitchen. Interior design has changed introducing  “new neutrals” for the new decade. We’re excited for the stunning new looks being achieved in kitchens with new neutrals including blue and green.

Why Blue?

If you consider fashion as a guide, blue has been a neutral for a few decades. Blue jeans are now a wardrobe staple for most people from baby boomers to toddlers. When trying to compose an outfit, jeans go with everything and are worn nearly everywhere. This fashion neutral has been embraced in home décor. A range of blues, from light chalky blue to navy, are now popularly used as neutrals throughout the home.

Why Green?

Green adds a touch of freshness to the home, a hint of the outdoors. It also has a calming effect. One popular choice is a soothing sage green. As an alternative to navy, moody, deep greens – like emerald and forest – are also gaining in use as a neutral around which to build a kitchen palette.

There are popular shades of both colors which work well with a variety of accent colors, wood tones, natural stones and metal finishes. If you want hints of both colors, you can create a striking look with teal or peacock shades that combine notes of both blue and green.

How to Use Them in Your Kitchen

Blues and greens can take on different personalities depending on the intensity of the color and the undertones in the shade. Once you choose your color and begin to plan your new kitchen, you will consider how much blue or green you wish to include. You could go for a pop of color – a striking backsplash or a colorful range hood – or a larger color statement like navy blue or emerald green kitchen cabinets. The direction you choose will help you define how the rest of your room elements will complement your color choice.

As neutrals, blues and greens work well with a variety of wood tones and metals so you’ll have many choices for hardware and accents. When you start exploring stone for your kitchen countertops, you’ll find plenty of choices with blue or green tones in their coloration making them ideal choices for your color scheme. Whether you choose marble, granite, quartz from The BGE Quartz Collection, or one of the other natural stones we offer such as , you will find many choices that will catch the eye and complement the “new neutrals” you may choose for your new kitchen.

Whatever color you select for your new kitchen, you will find plenty of beautiful choices to suit you color palette. We look forward to your visit to our showroom to find the stone that will be the finishing touch to your ideal kitchen.