We Continue to Expand The BGE Quartz Collection

We are delighted to announce the introduction of two beautiful new quartz designs from Quantra for 2021: Quantra Calacatta Statuario with gorgeous grey and gold veining and Quantra Calacatta Viola with elegant blue-grey veining.

Quantra has long been known as a leader in the quartz industry. They take pride in producing high-quality, beautiful quartz surfaces, and that is why we include Quantra in The BGE Quartz Collection.

Commitment to Quality

One of the reasons the quality of Quantra products is superior is the use of Breton Technology. Breton Technology was developed almost 50 years ago in Italy and is a patented process used to manufacture stone. It is considered the gold standard for manufacturing quartz.

Quantra has been using Breton Technology since their founding over 25 years ago. It is a part of their commitment to creating the finest products possible. With Breton Technology, Quantra is able to create quartz slabs that look like granite, are as hard as granite, and are non-porous, sanitary and beautiful. Quantra uses state-of-the-art practices both in manufacturing and in the recycling and reduction of their footprint on the planet. Quantra does not cut corners.

The Beauty of Quartz

Homeowners love the beauty and durability of quartz surfaces. As a result, the popularity of quartz for kitchen countertops, islands, vanities, fireplace surrounds and other home uses has grown. The BGE Quartz Collection includes many selections from Quantra as well as COMPAC, USA Quartz and, exclusive to BGE, our Eterno line.

See the Beauty

Plan a visit to one of our showrooms to see Quantra Calacatta Statuario and Calacatta Viola, as well as Quantra’s other designs and the complete BGE Quartz Collection, in person. We are open weekdays from 9 -5 by appointment.

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