So many of our New England homes have fireplaces. They offer a cozy respite from the winter wind and cold. As fall begins, take a long look at your fireplace. Is it all it can be? Is it inviting you to curl up next to it with a book or invite friends over for an evening by the fire? If your fireplace is looking dated, you can take it from boring to breathtaking and install a stunning new fireplace surround to enjoy this winter.

There are numerous materials and designs that will create a fireplace surround that suits your style, your taste and your budget. Stone surrounds are durable, low-maintenance, heat-resistant and the perfect option for long-lasting warmth. Natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone have long been used for fireplaces. Engineered stones like porcelain and quartz are also excellent options to create an exceptional space.

The fireplace is usually the focal point of the room and your imagination can lead you in a few directions as you consider the design of the stone for your surround:

Keep Things Simple

You can choose a simple, neutral stone that complements your décor and looks beautiful in your space.

Make it Stand Out

A bold alternative is to choose a stone with lots of veining and varying colors in it. The design will stand out as a focal point. If you want to make your stone steal the show, think bigger and take the slab all the way to the ceiling.

Create a Daring Statement

Bookmatching is when two or more stone slabs are mirrored to match the pattern, movement and veining found in the material. When the sections are placed end to end, the veining and movement create a continuous flow. Bookmatching is an elegant, high-end look – taking your bookmatched stone to the ceiling turns your fireplace surround into a work of art.

To see the many beautiful options available for fireplace surrounds, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, MA. You can explore the many choices in natural stone, Laminam porcelain or The BGE Quartz Collection and see which will make your fireplace the welcoming space you want it to be.

Stop by and see what sparks your imagination for a fireplace surround.