Not all porcelain surfaces are the same. At Boston Granite Exchange, before we brought porcelain into our showroom, we did rigorous research to find the finest porcelain surface available. That’s Laminam.

Laminam is produced through a proprietary process on patented machinery that makes this high-quality, best-in-class material. Laminam is rigorously tested to ensure high quality and durability.

Boston Granite Exchange exclusively imports Laminam porcelain from Italy due to its trendsetting beauty, durability and exceptional performance. And, we’re not the only ones who think Laminam is the best porcelain surface around.

BGE has been supplying Key Stone Carvings in Hudson, New Hampshire with stone surfaces for years; over that time, we’ve developed a strong working relationship with them. When we began to import Laminam, we introduced Key Stone to this new product. They saw the beauty and quality of the surface and were among the first to begin fabricating Laminam, embracing the opportunity to bring this exciting new surface option to their customers.

Key Stone’s co-founder, Freddy Pihl, is a fan of Laminam. Pihl says that working with Laminam is comparable to working with granite. Unlike other porcelain, there are no worries about cracking, and mitered corners are very easy with Laminam. “Laminam is a well-made product that is easy to work with,” Pihl says. “Laminam doesn’t skimp on their designs,” he continued, “they have a great color palette, too. I have Laminam Cristallo in my own home.”

Fabricators who have worked with Laminam have discovered the quality and ease of this product. It is the superior natural surface for countertops, vanities, bar tops, shower surrounds, fireplace surrounds and so much more. Laminam is also resistant to UV rays, making it excellent for outdoor kitchens, pool surrounds and furniture tops.

Explore the beautiful designs and the many uses for Laminam. Then, we invite you to plan a visit to one of our showrooms to see Laminam in person and learn why it might be the right surface for your next home project.

Visit us in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, MA and see the beauty of Laminam porcelain up close. We hope we’ll see you soon.