Jumbo slabs, as the name suggests, are larger than the standard sized slabs and thus have a higher yield. A traditional slab is 130”x 64”, a jumbo slab is 130”x 75”. The additional square footage makes jumbo slabs an excellent choice because they allow you to maximize every inch of your material, eliminate or minimize the number of seams and optimize your design capabilities for a cost-effective, high-end look.

Some examples of when a jumbo slab might be the right choice:


If your kitchen design includes an island, a jumbo slab enables a larger island while also being seamless.

Wider Countertops

Many people are opting for wider countertops, increasing work area and increasing the amount of stone needed.


If you like the continuous look of using the same stone for your countertop and backsplash, a jumbo slab is a great means of achieving that look.

If you think a jumbo slab might be right for your project, The BGE Quartz Collection offers jumbo slabs in a variety of beautiful designs and colors to suit your taste and budget.

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill, MA or West Bridgewater, MA to explore the many natural stones, quartz and Laminam porcelain that we offer. Whether a standard size slab or a jumbo slab is the right fit for your project, we’ll be happy to show you the many styles and colors you can choose from.

We look forward to seeing you soon.