As you explore the many options for your kitchen remodeling project, you may be wondering about European kitchen styles and how they differ from the traditional American kitchen. There are a few ways they differ; most notably European kitchens are typically smaller than American kitchens and not likely to be used for entertaining – company stays in the living room.  The difference in size influences the other factors.

European kitchens are sleeker and more about getting the most function out of a small space. Frequently, in a European kitchen, you will find the clothes washing machine as well as the usual kitchen appliances. Refrigerators are smaller and many conveniences we take for granted, like garbage disposals and multiple countertop appliances, are absent. The cabinets are sleeker and sometimes lack hardware. Because food storage space is more limited, Europeans are likely to shop multiple times per week for fresh food.

In true European fashion, functionality does not come at the expense of style. Those discreetly hidden appliances and sleek cabinets are very appealing, and a frequent choice in European kitchen countertops is marble. Marble is a natural stone which offers timeless beauty and strength; it is highly valued for its beauty, bold colors and pronounced veining. What those who prefer marble really love about it is the way it ages: it becomes more beautiful as a patina develops with time and use; the patina gives marble its timeless character. As one Canadian Interior designer advises his clients when they install marble kitchen counters, “Let it age.”

Marble is easy to clean with a mild soap and warm water. As always, you should consult with your fabricator for a recommended sealer to protect the stone on a periodic basis.

At Boston Granite Exchange, we love to show off the many types of beautiful stone we have gathered from around the world. Make the most of your visit by exploring our website first, then visit one of our showrooms and let us answer any questions you have. If a European style kitchen is what you are looking for, we have a large selection of marble to suit every style and price range. While you are here, view our selection of quartzite or quartz from The BGE Quartz Collection both of these stones are popular alternatives to marble because they offer the beautiful look of marble but they retain their original look rather than taking on a patina over time. We’d love you to come have a look and find the stone that is just right for your kitchen remodel.