Ideas Inspired by More Time at Home

Kitchens have been the heroes of our homes for the past year. They’ve served more meals and snacks than normal, and have become our remote classrooms, work-from-home offices, chemistry labs and places of worship.

Our kitchens have seen us through a challenging year. We’ve learned what they can do and what we want them to do for us.

Here are eight design trends we’re seeing:

  1. Open Concept – The open concept has evolved into what is called a “broken plan”. Broken plans offer a zoned approach using a raised breakfast bar or low bookshelf to separate the kitchen from the living area instead of a full wall. The family chef can still be part of what’s going on in the living area and supervise the kids while making dinner. When we get back to entertaining, it will allow the host to be included in the fun without dirty dishes being on full display.
  2. More Natural Light – The more sunlight you can get into your kitchen, the better. This is especially true when we are spending so much time indoors. Homeowners are adding more or larger windows to their kitchens to bring the natural light inside. Bright kitchens feel more upbeat and open, and sunshine is a natural mood booster!
  3. Larger Kitchen Islands – The footprint of the kitchen island is growing. This means more prep space as well as creating more space for at-home learning and spreading out during Zoom meetings. The additional cabinets beneath the island offer more space to store those fun new appliances you’ve added to your home cooking arsenal.
  4. L-Shaped Kitchens – The National Kitchen & Bath Association recently reported that the most popular kitchen shape for 2021 is an L-shaped kitchen. Designed to be efficient and flow seamlessly into the next room, an L-shaped kitchen is a classic. It makes it easy to get everything you need in a small area, making it a good choice for smaller homes.
  5. Upper Cabinets – Open shelving isn’t working for many of us. Dust can collect – even on the frequently used dishes. You sacrifice storage space for design and it’s a lot of work to keep open shelves looking tidy. After a year of cooking at home every day, the move is toward upper cabinets for practical storage; but keep an eye out for display ledges included in the kitchen design to add an eye-catching element.
  6. Induction Cooktops – We’re starting to see an increase in induction-style ranges instead of gas or electric. Induction cooking is more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly than gas, and the stovetops are easier to clean and maintain.
  7. Statement Ventilation Hoods – A beautiful vent hood turns a stove into a statement. Instead of basic hoods we’re beginning to see a trend borrowed from Europe – gorgeous vent hoods that really are works of art.
  8. Darker Kitchen Countertops – In a shift from the white and light-colored countertops we’ve seen for a long time, darker counter tops are trending. You’ll be seeing darker stone countertops contrasted with brighter, lighter cabinets in natural wood, as well as colors.

Your kitchen has been a workhorse during the past year. You’ve also likely found some changes you’ve made to your lifestyle that you like and want to incorporate into your home to better work for you and your family.

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Contact us when you’re ready to make an appointment and visit our showroom. We’re looking forward to seeing you and helping you make your kitchen work even better for you this year and for many years to come.