When homeowners plan their kitchen renovation they often find themselves weighing the cost of various items and the value those items have to them. These decisions are based on personal preference and style. Here are four upgrades that designers say you won’t regret investing in for your kitchen renovation.

1. An Integrated Trash/Recycling Drawer

Having a separate trash can in the kitchen can be unsightly. Keeping trash under the sink can be awkward. If you are customizing your cabinets, a dedicated drawer near the sink to hold bins for trash, recyclables and even returnable items is easy and efficient as you work in the kitchen. It also keeps it discreetly out of the way, making for a nicer aesthetic in your new kitchen.

2. High-end Appliances

The main purpose of the kitchen is for cooking. This sometimes gets lost when planning the many details of a kitchen renovation. It is important to leave room in the budget for high-quality appliances that will serve your needs as a cook. A higher-end stove will offer you more options to make cooking faster and easier; they often include induction cooktops, convection settings on the oven or built-in smart technology to make dinner time or entertaining easier and more efficient for you.

3. High-quality Countertops

Whether you love natural stone, quartz or porcelain, choose something beautiful and high quality and you’ll have no regrets. Each type of stone has its own unique properties. At Boston Granite Exchange we have natural stones such as granite, marble quartzite and soapstone as well as Laminam porcelain and The BGE Quartz Collection. We have options for every style and budget.

4. Whatever is Important to YOU

Most people only renovate a kitchen once or maybe twice in their lifetime. If you are investing in a home that you plan to stay in, choose what you love and you’ll never regret it. If there is a feature you love and you can fit it in the budget, go for it!

As you plan your renovation, we invite you to explore the various types of stone to determine which ones best suit your lifestyle. Then visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill or West Bridgewater, MA to see the stones in person and choose the design that suits your taste and budget.

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