With the Holidays right around the corner, 2021 is winding down. Right now, we’re seeing homeowners begin planning their kitchen renovations for the New Year. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2022, including some fantastic new kitchen design trends.

2022 Kitchen Trends

Here are four 2022 trends we love:

  1. Keep it Simple – Simplicity isn’t a new trend, but it is a lasting one. Keeping the look and feel of your kitchen simple, with clean lines and simple color schemes makes it feel clean and light. Consider no hardware, touch-to-open cabinets and storage for small appliances to complete the look.
  2. Make it Pop – Bringing color into your kitchen will make it bright and cheery. The hot colors for 2022 include burnt oranges and yellows set against moody blues and whites for a vibrant palette.
  3. Keep it Natural – Including nature in your décor makes your kitchen welcoming. Use nature-inspired colors for your walls or cabinets, then add some houseplants or fresh flowers or foliage in oversized vases to bring the feel of the outdoors inside.
  4. Take it Up a Notch – When you find the perfect kitchen countertop surface, one option to make a sophisticated statement is to use that same surface for your backsplash and a waterfall island. It unifies the look of your kitchen and makes a beautiful and artistic statement.

Whatever your preferences, if you are planning a kitchen renovation in 2022, we have plenty of choices to help you create your perfect kitchen. Download our worksheet and explore our website to see which stones suit your lifestyle and which colors and styles speak to you. Then, bring your worksheet with you and visit one of our showrooms! Make notes of which natural stone, quartz or porcelain designs appeal to you. With our wide selection, you may opt for multiple visits to help you refine your list and choose the color, material and style that suits your taste and budget.