A kitchen renovation is an investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, the national average cost for a kitchen remodel in 2022 was $28,279, with the range from $13,000- $38,000. Appliances, cabinets, countertops, fixtures and, of course, labor are factored into these numbers.

To make sure that the end result of your kitchen renovation will stand the test of time, the secret is to incorporate kitchen design elements that won’t go out of style. Choosing classic features will save you money down the line.

Here are five ideas that have lasted through the decades:

  1. Neutral Paint Colors
    The classic white kitchen is sometimes criticized for being boring—but it will never go out of style! According to Houzz, 43 percent of renovating homeowners opt for white cabinets. This trend includes brand new cabinets painted white as well as reusing existing cabinets with a white paint “facelift”. As for walls, in addition to white, the “new neutrals” include soft shades of green or blue which also offer a timeless look.
  2. Shaker Cabinets
    With their simple design and recessed-panel doors, Shaker cabinets have been in style for over a century. Shaker cabinets are popular in farmhouse kitchens, but they also work with a variety of home decor styles. They deliver a clean classic look you’ll love for years.
  3. Natural Materials
    Natural materials like wood and stone will ground your space and keep it classic.
  4. White or light countertops
    White will always be an elegant choice for kitchen countertops. White countertops don’t need to be boring, either. Countertop surfaces in natural stone, quartz or porcelain can have interesting designs in them that bring subtle color into the room. Look for a light-colored stone with beautiful designs that can bring blue, green, gold, grey or black into the room without overpowering the simplicity of the white countertop surface.
  5. Subway Tile
    Subway tile works with many different decor styles and has been around for over 100 years. Subway tile will give you an elegant backsplash with staying power.

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