The coronavirus has required all of us to spend more time in our homes. As we do, we’re looking at our living space more critically, looking for ways to make life at home better.  

Orderly, Functional Space

We’re cooking more often and grocery shopping less frequently. We are using our kitchens more which means we’re finding out what works well in our kitchens and what doesn’t work. We’re looking to make our space more efficient, streamlined and easier to tidy up.

Kitchens are being designed more thoughtfully. Creative, orderly kitchen storage, larger pantries and storage for larger appliances, like bread makers and cold-brew coffee machines, will be key features to help us continue to use our kitchens to their maximum efficiency.

Clean and Easy to Clean

As we continue to protect our families from COVID-19, we’re rightfully concerned about hygienic surfaces. No-touch faucets and copper and brass fixtures are catching homeowners’ eyes as we’re more conscious of hygiene.

There is an intensified awareness that high traffic areas like the kitchen need to be easy to clean – and to keep clean – and sanitary. Natural stone and quartz countertops fit the bill, and are popular choices both for beauty and ease of maintenance. .

Boston Granite Exchange sources natural stone and quartz from all over the world, including the United States. We offer a wide selection of beautiful natural stone and quartz that are easy to care for and easy to clean, giving you a beautiful look and peace of mind that your kitchen countertops can be kept sanitary. Explore our collections which include natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone or look into The BGE Quartz Collection, our own collection of quartz comprised of four lines including our own Eterno collection.   

There’s No Place like Home for Entertaining

Many weeks sheltering in place has reinforced the idea that home is a safe space. People are very slowly venturing out, but the overall mindset seems to be that staying home is a wise choice. At-home entertaining with family and very close friends is a more controlled environment. To many, it feels like a safer and more comfortable option for gatherings and celebrations.

During the warm months, entertaining in the backyard offers the opportunity to keep some social distance while still being able to enjoy in-person social interactions in a private setting.

As we have been required to spend more time at home, we’ve become more thoughtful about our spaces. We’ve had time to evaluate what we like and don’t like about our homes and we’re beginning to address the things we would like to change now that we’ve had the time and space to truly experience our homes in such a concentrated way. If you’re looking for a change to your kitchen, Boston Granite Exchange is open to help your home project progress.

For your safety and the safety of our staff, visits to our showrooms are by appointment only and are limited to those customers ready to make a final stone selection. Please contact our Haverhill showroom at 978-372-8300 or contact our West Bridgewater showroom at 508-521-1800. To make the best use of your time, visit our website to narrow your options by using our worksheet. Note the stones you like by type of stone, color name and lot number. Then bring it along to choose your natural stone or quartz for your new kitchen!  We’re looking forward to helping you realize a new vision for your home.