Boston Granite Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of Compac to The BGE Quartz Collection. We selected Compac for its quality reputation making it an ideal addition to The BGE Quartz Collection. BGE offers designs from Compac’s Exclusive line which represent the finest quality quartz manufactured using the renowned Breton Technology. Breton Technology, which was developed fifty years ago, is still considered the benchmark of quality for manufacturing stone. The Compac Exclusive Line of quartz is manufactured in Portugal in Compac’s state-of-the-art environmentally focused facility.

Choose from six beautiful Compac designs, all available in polished finish and four also available in glacé, Compac’s superior unique matte finish. Compac’s matte finish has the lowest light reflection on the market and is easy to clean.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel or other home improvement project, visit our website to explore The BGE Quartz Collection, including the beautiful Compac designs. To learn more about quartz, click here. For an up-close look, please visit our showroom to see the Compac designs and the rest of The BGE Quartz Collection.