So, you’re remodeling your kitchen!  This is an exciting project and we want you to know how we can help given there are many moving parts when renovating a kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops, Backsplashes and Accent Walls

When it comes to kitchens, think of Boston Granite Exchange as your shopping center for selecting a beautiful natural stone or quartz for your kitchen countertops, bar area, backsplashes and/or accent walls. Our website is designed to be a useful resource for you to explore various stones, learn about the stones and their unique features and benefits to help you identify potential stone categories – such as marble, quartz or granite – that will best meet your lifestyle. For example, heat resistance may be a top priority for you so granite or soapstone may be a good fit. We encourage you to leverage our website to learn and explore prior to visiting one of our showrooms so you will not be overwhelmed with the options! When it comes to budget, we have a large inventory of designs within every stone category. 

Boston Granite Exchange is a Wholesaler

We are a wholesaler.  What this means to you as a consumer is, we search the world over to import beautiful natural stones including Italian marble, granite, quartzite and soapstone. For years, we have built relationships with quarry owners to import beautiful, unique natural stones. We also offer a large and expanding collection of quartz, The BGE Quartz Collection, including our own Eterno line.

As a distributor, consumers come to our showrooms daily, six days a week, to see our inventory and select the stone that best meets their needs, lifestyle and budget. Once your selection is made, the material is put on hold and held for up to seven days. Boston Granite Exchange then works directly with another important party involved in your kitchen remodel project: the fabricator.

The Fabricator

Fabricators are the hands-on experts who measure, determine how much stone is required for your kitchen remodel project, create the template, lay out the stone and usually install your kitchen countertops.

So, once you put the material on hold at Boston Granite Exchange, we work with your fabricator and you will be working with the fabricator as well now that you have chosen your material.  This is where the uniqueness of the business model may seem convoluted to the consumer.

An Overview of the Business Model

There are many moving parts and potentially many parties involved in making your new kitchen happen!  The figure below shows the various parties involved.

BGE and Fabricators in a kitchen remodel

As a homeowner remodeling your kitchen, you may work with an interior designer and/or a kitchen and bath dealer. Commonly they are the party who recommends you visit Boston Granite Exchange to select the material you want for your kitchen countertops and backsplash and bar area that is being incorporated into the new design. While you are welcome to visit us as many times as you like, we recommend you select the materials for your kitchen counters four weeks before the countertops are scheduled to be installed. Learn more about planning your visit.

As wholesalers, you do not pay us for the slab(s) you choose. This is commonly a confusing part of the business model as homeowners visit our showroom and expect to get pricing information. Typically, the fabricator pays Boston Granite Exchange for the slabs, we then deliver the slabs to them. They transform the material into your countertops and install. You pay the fabricator or the kitchen and bath dealer for their services associated with the kitchen counters. We do not want to frustrate you during your visit to our showroom! We encourage you to discuss pricing with your fabricator or kitchen and bath dealer.

Time is Precious

We know that during a kitchen remodel there are many things to shop for and select. Your visit to Boston Granite Exchange is a key part in the process and we want you to find the stone that is just right for you. Your time is valuable, and we want the time you spend in our showrooms to be pleasant and productive, not stressful. One way to eliminate frustration is to plan your visit ahead of time and know how far in advance to visit us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in our showroom as you transform your kitchen! We hope you share before and after pictures and wish you many years of enjoyment of your new living space!