Quartz has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops, and now homeowners planning a kitchen remodel or bathroom upgrade have an additional fabulous design feature that has not been possible until now!

We’re thrilled to be expanding The BGE Quartz Collection with Compac’s Unique Statuario – a beautiful new design entering the quartz market!

Compac is an international leader in quartz technology, producing some of the finest quartz in the world. They are an industry leader in innovation, with a longstanding commitment to continuous improvement. Their products have higher resistance than other, similar products. The quality of their quartz products is admired by designers who frequently comment that it is difficult to tell Compac products from natural stones.

Bookmatched Quartz

Unique Statuario offers the stunning effect of bookmatching which natural stones such as granite have offered interior designers and homeowners for some time. Bookmatching is lining up veining from slabs that are mirror images of each other so that the two adjoining surfaces match each other, like an opened book.

The ability to book match with quartz is a recent development, and Compac has, again, been at the forefront of this technology. The added versatility of bookmatching for quartz offers you the opportunity to make a statement in your new kitchen. Imagine a stunning waterfall countertop with the veining matched as it makes its way across the countertop and down to the floor. Or a countertop and backsplash with veining that flows continuously and elegantly from surface to surface.

Bookmatching is also a beautiful look in a bathroom or for fireplace surrounds where it can be used to create a breathtaking design statement in your home. Bookmatched Compac Unique Statuario is stunning wherever you use it!

Come See It

You will want to see this newest addition to The BGE Quartz Collection, Compac Unique Statuario, in person. We’re open Monday – Friday by appointment. Make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms to see the beauty of Compac’s latest innovation in quartz – Unique Statuario.