The Winter Olympics are underway in Beijing, and many of us have our favorites to watch for during the competition.

We’ve recently learned that one of our favorites, Laminam porcelain, was used for the façade of the Olympic Village, where athletes from around the globe live during the 2022 Olympics this month and the Paralympics in March.

The chief architect of the project, Bo Hongtao, was tasked with converting a former steel mill in the heart of Beijing’s industrial district into an Olympic Village. His vision for the project was to preserve the pre-existing industrial character. He explored innovative architectural solutions that allowed him to create a site that was sustainable and contemporary. Laminam fit the bill on both counts.

The choice of Laminam porcelain is ideal for the cladding of the building’s façades. Laminam prides itself on its sustainable materials and production process. It is also highly resistant to mechanical stress, chemicals and wear. In addition, from a design standpoint, the porcelain that was chosen, Moro from Laminam’s Oxide series, replicates the effect of weather on iron, creating extraordinary effects with light which emphasize the magnificent façades of the building.

Long after the 2022 Winter Olympics are over, the Olympic Village with its stunning Laminam façades will stand as a reminder of this gathering of the greatest athletes from around the globe.

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