Boston Granite Exchange is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of natural stone, quartz and porcelain. We are leaders in identifying and importing stone from all over the world and have built our business by establishing great relationships with select suppliers around the globe, who offer the highest quality natural stone, quartz and porcelain. Our business was founded on relationships and we continue to develop alliances built on mutual trust and respect today. One of these relationships is with the people at Quantra quartz.

A Superior Product

Gautam Jain, the founder of Quantra, began his career in textiles and fashion where he established his company, Pokarna, as the India’s largest distributor of premium fabrics for men. In time, as the textile business thrived, he turned his attention to new projects which led him to the purchase of a granite quarry and later to the production of quartz.

Jain recognized that in order to produce a high quality quartz product, he needed the best technology available, the patented Breton Technology from Italy. Jain travelled to Italy and struck up a partnership with Breton, SpA to produce Quantra quartz using this renowned, superior technology.

Innovative Design

About a dozen years ago, we met the folks at Quantra quartz as they were launching their brand. We immediately were impressed with Mr. Jain’s passion for design and excellence; qualities that we admire and leadership qualities that result in an excellent quartz product. Over the years, our relationship grew as did our interest in Quantra quartz. We are proud to be among the first distributors of Quantra quartz in the United States and thrilled to include Quantra as one of the brands in The BGE Quartz Collection.

Quantra’s colors are rooted in Jain’s experience in the fashion world and his ability to appeal to customers’ taste. They lean toward elegant neutrals with a natural feeling. Under Jain’s leadership, Quantra is continually innovating its styles and colors to meet changing tastes and trends in home décor.

Quality Quartz from The BGE Quartz Collection

We carefully select our suppliers and business partners and are proud to offer Quantra to fabricators, kitchen and bath dealers, builders and homeowners throughout New England. While excellence in product quality is very important to us, building relationships with quality people is equally important. With Quantra quartz and the Quantra people, we are grateful to have built a mutually beneficial relationship with professionals who are passionate about what they do and the product they make.

If quartz is on your list of favorite surfaces for your kitchen countertops, we invite you to visit either of our showrooms in Haverhill, MA and West Bridgewater, MA. We are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Come see the choices that Quantra quartz and The BGE Quartz Collection offer for your kitchen renovation.