We’re excited to announce a new addition to The BGE Quartz Collection: Terrazzo. Made by Compac, Terrazzo offers a classic look with lots of versatility. Like other Compac products, it is stain, etch and abrasion resistant, it does not require sealing, and it is non-porous and hygienic. It is easy to care for, only requiring simple daily cleaning with gentle soap and water. It is suitable for countertops, islands, backsplashes, vanity tops, bar tops and surrounds.

Terrazzo is also UV resistant which makes it suitable for all outdoor uses as well. This is a huge benefit as we are seeing so many homeowners looking to expand and improve their outdoor space. Outdoor countertops, kitchens and furniture tops made of Terrazzo will stand up to summer sun and heat, as well as a tough New England winter, and won’t fade or crack from the weather.

We’re thrilled to have Compac as part of The BGE Quartz Collection. They offer high- quality products, and Terrazzo is an excellent addition to The Collection with the added versatility of outdoor use. In addition to their reputation for quality, for almost 40 years Compac has been committed to being a 100% eco-efficient company, including the use of clean and renewable energy, water recycling and a private reforestation project on company land.

Come visit one of our showrooms in Haverhill or West Bridgewater to see the colors and finishes of Terrazzo and check out all of The BGE Quartz Collection. If you are planning an outdoor kitchen, be sure to include versatile Terrazzo on your list of possible surfaces. We look forward to seeing you.