Like your friends, neighbors and coworkers, you’re spending all your time at home, responsibly social distancing yourself and your family. With so much time in the house, you’re spotting the little things that need attention: the latch on the bedroom door with the screw that keeps popping out, the accent wall that now only accents fingerprints, the broken kitchen cabinet that needs attention.

Is the kitchen really getting on your nerves? It’s open 24 hours a day right now and you’re seeing all its shortcomings. Does your work-from-home set up have you staring at your old cabinets wishing you could wave a magic wand and replace them? Or perhaps you are home-schooling your kids at a countertop that has seen better days. The fridge is getting old (kind of like social isolation) and not big enough anymore. The list goes on and with every day you spend at home you become convinced it’s time to plan your new kitchen.

Distractions can be very helpful in difficult times. Laura Murray, a senior scientist in Mental Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says, “Doing activities you enjoy has a positive impact on your neurochemistry and helps lessen stress.” A good puzzle, a good book or a project to start working on can all be ways to pass the time and give yourself a source of joy or accomplishment.

Planning a kitchen renovation can be time consuming, but when you have more time on your hands, this can be a great time to start organizing, getting ideas of what you like and what you don’t like to help you be ready when our lives return to a new normal.

Get on Houzz and Pinterest to tag what you like and make multiple virtual visits to our Imagine Gallery for inspiration!  Learn about each stone category and identify what stone best meets your lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Use our website to get started with insight to help you plan the project. What may have seemed overwhelming can now be a welcome distraction as you explore, dream and imagine.

Although most businesses, including Boston Granite Exchange, are closed right now you can visit our website to learn the steps you need to know in the kitchen renovation process. You can explore our website to see the many natural stone choices as well as The BGE Quartz Collection as options to replace that tired countertop.

When our world comes out of isolation – and it will – we’ll be here for you to make your final selection of your kitchen countertops a reality. The popcorn machine will be back up and running!  Until then, enjoy your new distraction project to make your days brighter. Imagine the new kitchen island and better days ahead. Together we will get through this.

Be well. Be kind. Be safe.