As the year starts its rapid wind to a close, we’re looking ahead to 2024 and the design trends that are heading your way. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in 2024, there are some beautiful design trends and some excellent innovations for you to consider.

Here are some of the options we like for 2024:

Big, Beautiful Islands

We’ve talked about this trend toward larger islands before, and it is really taking hold as we head toward the New Year. Larger islands with more storage, more seating and more prep space are increasing in popularity. This extra space allows more room for entertaining and gathering in the kitchen. A jumbo slab can be a cost-effective way to create a seamless larger island. If the extra space and function hasn’t got you hooked on a larger island, a waterfall edge will add a stunning design look to a very functional island.


We’ve shared here that blues and greens are very much in style and, as we look ahead, green is surpassing blue in popularity. Green brings the serenity of nature indoors; popular shades of green run the gamut from deep tones of the rainforest to the muted greens of the seaside. You can incorporate green in several ways, depending on the look you desire. For a subtle look, a rich green backsplash combined with creamy white and natural wood fill the bill; for a bolder look, a countertop that is a unique green or that has strong green hues in it will make an elegant statement in your new kitchen.

Natural Wood

Many homeowners are turning back to natural wood for their cabinets, a trend that is, like the incorporation of green, a nod to nature and the warmth that natural wood brings to the space. Combining natural wood cabinets with painted cabinets is a way to mix things up; creamy whites with natural wood, for example, give you the best of both styles.

Stainless Steel

Stainless is still very much the finish of choice for appliances, but appliance manufacturers have improved their technology with smudge-proof finishes. Smudge-proof finishes mean that when you wipe away fingerprints, they don’t reappear instantly like a mysterious ghostly handprint. Your appliances stay looking sleek and clean, making your kitchen look better and your workload lighter.

These are a few of our favorite kitchen trends. Be sure to check back for Part II of 2024 Kitchen Trends.

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