Part II

If you’re looking ahead to 2021 and a new kitchen is in your plans, you’re undoubtedly looking at the latest in kitchen design. Our last Across the Counter blog focused on green trends in kitchen design.

In this blog (part 2 of 2), we’re exploring three emerging design trends that look like they may have some lasting power:

  1. Technology – Technology is coming to the forefront of kitchen design. In addition to smart appliances, motion sensor items like faucets, soap dispensers, and trash bins are being used to make the kitchen more hands-free. Docking drawers are also appearing in 2021 kitchen designs. A docking drawer is a drawer outfitted with outlets and USB ports so that personal handheld devices can be plugged in and stored off the counter.
  2. Moody colors – Darker and moodier palettes are on the rise, particularly deep greys and deep blues. You can bring these colors to your new kitchen in a variety of ways, from cabinets to backsplash to countertops.
  3. Effective storage – There is a strong trend towards effective storage. An example of this is appliance garages which are experiencing a resurgence. These are cabinets that extend to the kitchen countertop and are outfitted with extra outlets. These are not the appliance garages of a couple of decades ago; now, nearly any style of door can be used, and innovations in hinges and engineering make them more versatile and compatible with any style kitchen. Small countertop appliances like coffee makers and toasters can now be placed on slides and be used in place, so they no longer take up counter space and are easily hidden when not in use.

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